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Habitat for Humanity knows that a safe, decent, affordable home is fundamental to a family forging a path out of poverty.

We see all over the world and in Pocatello how decent and affordable shelter is becoming harder and harder to achieve. But with efforts from Gateway Habitat, volunteers, and donors like you we can change things for the better by creating an opportunity to grow with a sustainable home.

In a Habitat house, families find better health, more financial freedom, independence, and a stability and security that far too many families simply can’t achieve without a helping hand.

The need for affordable housing and home repair is immense, and the lasting impact it can have on homeowners and their families is undeniable.

Pocatello sits at a distressing 19.9% of our population living in poverty! To get a better idea of how bad that truly is, our nation is at 9.2% and Idaho in its entirety is at 11.89%. Our city is sitting at over double the national percentage of poverty and something must be done.


We need to mitigate these issues by building affordable housing in Pocatello/Chubbuck so that we can continue to create a better and brighter future for our community and its residents.

Gateway Habitat for Humanity envisions a City, State, Nation and World where everyone has an opportunity to safe, sustainable and affordable housing and we can achieve this with donors like you! 

Together we can build a better future because after all, we're not just building homes, we're changing lives.

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